• PLTW Design and Drawing for Production (DDP)
    Course Code: T750
    Prerequisites: 75% or Higher in Math 8
    Semester Offered: Full Year - 1 Credit
    Ranking Weight:
    Recommended Grades: 9 & 10
    College Credit: Yes - R.I.T. (6 Hours)
    Other: This Course Fulfills the New York State Art/Music Graduation Requirement.

    Course Description:

    Design and Drawing for Production is a course in the Project Lead the Way Program at John Jay that teaches students how to take an idea through a design process that will eventually be manufactured or produced. As you learn about various aspects of engineering and engineering design, such as how engineers communicate through drawing, you will apply what you learn through various activities, projects, and problems. For example, after learning about the different techniques engineers use in determining how to design a product, students will have the flexibility to explore the design and engineering processes to solve problems that are of their own interest. Students who meet certain requirements may also receive college credits through Rochester Institute of Technology at the end of the course.

    Topics, Activities, and Projects:
    • The Role of an Engineer
    • The Design Process
    • Reverse Engineering
    • Autodesk Inventor 3D Solid modeling
    • Product Design
    • Product Analysis and Improvement
    • Designing as an Engineer
    • Puzzle Cube Project
    • Miniature Train
    • DDP "Monster Garage"
    • Trebuchet Design
    Course Slide Show