Please check the tabs to the left for the course you are taking.  Each subject will have the lesson and homework assignment that will be covered this year. 
    My schedule is as follows:                                                                Extra Help - will be available upon request.  I will try and do
                                                    Per. 2   Geometry        rm. M3                             extra help on my free periods.  If that doesn't work
                                                    Per. 3   ICM                 rm. M3                            we can meet after school.  Please see me asap if
                                                    Per. 5   Algebra           rm.  M3                              you feel the need for extra help.
                                                    Per. 6   Algebra           rm.  M3
                                                    Per. 7   ICM                 rm. M3


     Email:  james.mealy@wcsdny.org