• Hello and Welcome to Mr. Utter's Social Studies Class.

    I teach AP Global I, Global I and Global II. I am also the Advisor for the History Honors Society. Students in my class will practice the skills of historians each and everyday. Sourcing, Contextualization, Corroboration, and Close Reading are the cornerstones of our Global History course. 

    Contact info:zachary.utter@wcsdny.org

    For my class students will need a binder, looseleaf, and 5 dividers. Students should also come prepared to class each and everyday preferably with a pencil or pen (Blue or Black Ink). 


    Grading Policy: 

    • Classwork 33%
      •  Synchronous and Asynchronous Work 
    • Quiz Assessments: 33%
      • Semi-Weekly Quizzes, Long Form Assignments e.g. paragraphs
    • Tests/Projects/Summative Assessments:33%


    Most essential information can be found on Google Classroom. Sudents will be given access codes in class.


    Contact Information


    In case you need to find me my daily schedule is as follows.

    (Rm. 189- This room is located by the Audiotrium) 

    Period 1- AP World History I- Rm. 238

    Period 2- PREP

    Period 3- Global II Regents- Rm.189 

    Period 4- Duty: Lunchroom

    Period 5- Global I: Regents-Rm.189 

    Period 6- AP World History I-Rm.189 

    Period 7- LUNCH

    Period 8- Global I- Rm. 238