• Hello and Welcome to Mr. Utter's Social Studies Class.

    I teach AP Global I, Global I and Global II. I am also the Advisor for the History Honors Society as well as Amnesty International. Students in my class will practice the skills of historians each and every day. Sourcing, Contextualization, Corroboration, and Close Reading are the cornerstones of our Global History course. 

    We are a 1:1 district, meaning that every single student has access to a chromebook. As such my lessons and materials will be almost all digital. This means that every day in class your chromebook should be charged and ready to go. Not having your chromebook could mean that you miss out on that day's lesson and will be expected to complete the assignment later on your own time. All work will be assigned on Google Classroom and so you should check it daily. 

    Contact info: zachary.utter@wcsdny.org

    Class Expectations: 

    • Students will be on time for class meaning they will be in the classroom before or as the bell rings
    • Students will have their chromebooks open and ready within the first 2 minutes of class and begin working on their Do Now or first activity
    • Students will not use their phones nor have headphones in during instruction or activities (There are some exceptions for individual work days)
    • Students will be respectful of the teacher and their peers in order to create a learning environment where everyone can be successful. 

    Late Work Policy 

    Every quarter is made up of two 5-week periods. I will accept late work from the corresponding 5 week period. This means that if you hand in a late assignment from Week 1 by the end of Week 5 I will accept it. However, if you have a late assignment from Week 2 and try to hand it in on Week 7 I will not accept it and it will be given a 0. 

    Grading Policy: 

    • Classwork/ Homework 33%
      •  Do Nows, Exit Tickets, Classroom Assignments, Homework Assignments
    • Quizzes/Short Term Projects: 33%
      •  Quizzes, Long Form Writing e.g. paragraphs
    • Tests/Projects/Summative Assessments:33%


    In case you need to find me my daily schedule is as follows.

    (Rm. 189- This room is located by the Audiotrium) 

    Period 1- AP World History I-Rm.189 

    Period 2- AP World History I-Rm.189 

    Period 3- PREP

    Period 4- DUTY

    Period 5- Global I: Regents-Rm.189 

    Period 6- Global I: Regents-Rm.189 

    Period 7- DUTY PERIOD

    Period 8-Global I: Regents-Rm.189