• Wappingers CSD Supports The New York State's Dignity Act (DASA)  
    The Wappingers CSD has adopted a Code of Conduct that reflects the beliefs that ALL students have a right to learn in an environment that is free from discrimination and reflects the language found in the New York State's Dignity Act.  If you feel you are being treated in a manner that violates our Code of Conduct we encourage you to either speak with your buildings Principal or any adult that you trust and/or please fill out an Incident Reporting Form and return it to the main office of your school.  If you are submitting a form anonymously please include enough details so that our administrators can conduct a thorough investigation.
    New York State’s Dignity Act was signed into law in 2012 to provide students with a safe and supportive environment free from discrimination, harassment, and bullying on school property, a school bus and/or at a school function, and was amended in 2013 to include cyberbullying. The law requires schools to provide students, persons in parental roles, and staff with information about DASA and to develop policies and procedures that require a safe school environment. Specifically, DASA requires school districts to develop Codes of Conduct that prohibit harassment, bullying (including cyberbullying), and discrimination against students by other students or school employees, as well as provisions for responding to incidents of discrimination and harassment and reporting such incidents to NYSED. 
    Quote from our NYSED Commissioner of Education MaryEllen Elia:

    “The New York State Education Department takes very seriously any action that compromises the school climate in which our students come to learn every day,” Commissioner Elia said.  “All of our students have a right to a free education and no child should fear going to school.  We must do everything in our power to create safe and supportive learning environments, including providing all parents and guardians the resources they need to be informed of their rights and the rights of their children.”