• WCSD Summer School

    Located at Van Wyck Junior High School

    JULY 9 – AUGUST 15


    Period Schedule: 

    Period 1:  8:00 - 9:00

    Period 2:  9:05 - 10:05

    Period 3:  10:10 - 11:10

    Period 4:  11:15 - 12:15

    Bus Schedule:

    Buses transport two and from your resident elementary schools (With the exception of James S Evans, pick up and drop off is at Wappingers Jr. HS).  For details on times and locations please visit our transportation page.



    • Students and Parents/Guardians must register at their high school beginning on Monday, 6/25.
    • The absolute last day to register for summer school is Thursday, 6/28.
    • Students will be scheduled by their school counselor following registration.

    Student Schedules:

    • Student schedules will be available on Parent Portal on Monday, 7/2.
    • No changes to students’ schedules will be permitted for any reason, including but not limited to, work schedule, drivers education, camps, and/or childcare.

    Student Attendance:

    • Every student is expected to be present every day that summer school is in session.
      • As per Board of Education Policy (4331): Summer School may be provided in accordance with the requirements set forth in the regulations of the Commissioner of Education.  Part 110.2 of the Commissioner’s Regulations states that an approved secondary summer school program shall include at least 20 hours of instruction for courses not ending in a Regents exam, and at least 42 hours of instruction for courses ending in a regents exam. 
    • Regardless of grades, a student may not be granted a credit if that student does not meet the required number of course hours.
    • If a student comes late to class 3 times, that student will be considered to have missed the equivalent of 1 hour of instruction.

    Student Behavior:

    • All students are required to follow and are subject to the consequences set forth in, the WCSD Code of Conduct.
    • Students are not permitted to leave campus during summer school hours. If a student leaves campus, that student will not be allowed re-entry for the rest of the day, regardless of class schedule.  This will result in an absence in any remaining classes for that day.


    • Transportation will be provided to and from local elementary schools.
    • For morning pick-up times, please refer to the Summer School Transportation Schedule located on the WCSD website.
    • Buses will depart Van Wyck at 10:10 and 12:15 to return students to local elementary schools.