• WCSD Parent Portal:

    Parent Portal Login:
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    Did You Forget Your Password?:  
    First attempt to login by entering your valid Parent Portal Username
    (Leave the password field blank, Your user name should be the email address you provided to the school).  Click Login, then follow the prompts for "New User or Forgot Password?".
    If you need assistance, please email the Help Desk: parent.portal@wcsdny.org
    (Support hours are 7:30am - 4pm Monday through Friday)

    How to View Your Child's Course Selection in Parent Portal (Please note: This is only a list of courses selected by your child. It IS NOT their final schedule.) Follow the step below or watch the video.

    Log into Parent Portal
    Select Your Child's Name
    Click on Schedule 
    Change View to Course Selection 
    Change Year to 2020-2021

    How to Log Into Parent Portal to Access Your Child's Grades. Please note Progress Reports from IEPs can also be found in Parent Portal.



    The district uses a program called SchoolTool to manage its student information. The Parent Portal is a feature of SchoolTool which provides parents and guardians with secure online access to their child's student records (Only Parents and Guardians of students enrolled in the district may apply):
    • Emergency contacts
    • Daily attendance
    • Course schedules
    • Discipline Records
    • Progress reports
    • Report card grades
    • Assignment Grades via the SchoolTool grade book** 
    • Grades 3-8 NYS assessment scores
    • NYS Regents exam scores
    • Bus Schedules

     (** The SchoolTool grade book is an embedded component within our Student Information System (a.k.a. 'SchoolTool') and our Parent Portal.  However, this embedded component may not be the preferred grade book for your child's classroom teacher and it is at their discretion as to whether they use this tool or not.  This may be especially true for grades K-6 as the SchoolTool grade book does not factor grades into our K-6 Descriptor based elementary report cards which diminishes a teachers ability to use this grade book to its fullest potential.  If you ever have any questions about your child's grades please contact your child's classroom teacher.)

    Additional Convenience Feature:
    • You can also e-mail teachers with a single click of a button (From the 'Schedule' tab).

    This applies to all grades K-12:  
    To ensure the security of your child's information we require that you first visit the main office of your child's school to request a Parent Portal account.  Please be prepared to present to the main office a valid Photo ID that shows your current home address.  You will be asked to provide a valid email address (this is required for all Parent Portal Accounts).  You will receive an email within several days that contains a password.

    Please note: You will only have to sign up once, regardless of how many children you have in the district  If you do not see all of your children from the my home screen of Parent Portal please email the Help Desk at parent.portal@wcsdny.org