• Grades 7-12 Summer Reading Program
    To parents/guardians and community members,
    We are pleased to announce our Wappingers Central School District Summer Reading Program for students entering grades 7-12. Your child should have received a reading packet; if not, it is available below and on their teacher’s webpage. The thrust of our program is: Read, read, read! Reading is the key to school success and improvement in all subject areas. As they devour pages, we invite students to fall in love with characters, open doors to new worlds and embark on wild adventures! This initiative resulted from a collaboration between our teachers, library and media specialists, professional development specialists and reading specialists. We are very excited to implement the program that we know will not only enrich your child’s education, but also help prevent the summer reading slide. Research shows that independent choice in reading will help your child reap academic benefits, including improvement in vocabulary, reading comprehension, and verbal fluency. Most importantly, it will contribute positively to your child’s overall school success in all subject area courses. So take your child to the library or local bookstore or shop online for titles. Challenge your child to set a goal and read many pages or many books! Read together, read beside one another, read in the car, at the pool, or on vacation: Just read!
    Thank you for your support,

    Jenny Schinella
    Director of ELA & Social Studies
  • Click here to view a printable version of the 7th and 8th grade list.

    As you read, think about: How does the character’s personality evolve or change over time? How are themes developed? What are the important events that contribute to the plot? It is recommended that you jot notes or keep a reading journal. If the book is yours, we suggest that you highlight, annotate, or use sticky notes to emphasize important or interesting parts.
    Parent Tips to Encourage Reading

    1.      Set a schedule for reading. Make it the same time every day.

    2.      Read with your child and model good reading habits.

    3.      Talk about your child’s book. Ask him/her questions about it!

    4.      Celebrate reading with rewards!

    5.      Remember that if your child reads 4-5 books this summer, they will maintain their skill level and grow as readers, which will help them perform better in all subjects.

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