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    Our Mission 
    The mission of the Wappingers Central School District is to empower all of our students with the competencies and confidence to challenge themselves, to pursue their passions, and to realize their potential while growing as responsible members of their community.
    Our Vision
    To empower all students to succeed, ready to pursue their passions, by providing them with a rigorous, well-rounded education.

Thinking Maps

  • Thinking Maps are used to help students visualize their thinking. They allow students to create concrete images of abstract thoughts. These maps provide a "common visual language" for students in all subject areas (Grades K-12).
    Brace Map (Identifying part/whole relationships)
    Bridge Map (Seeing analogies)
    Bubble Map (Describing with adjectives)
    Circle Map (The Circle Map is used for defining in context)
    Double Bubble Map (Comparing and contrasting)
    Flow Map (Sequencing, and ordering)
    Multi-Flow Map (Analyzing causes and effects)
    Tree Map (Classifying/grouping)

Tip Line

  • Wappingers CSD is now using Anonymous Alerts® 

    The Anonymous Alerts® reporting app was created to help students, parents or community members choose a school official to contact, type of incident to report, school building and/or a specific location, set a priority level of normal or high and upload a photo, screenshot or video related to the incident.  This reporting system is meant to allow for anonymous reporting but still provides for District and Building Administrators to respond (via the app) to the person who submitted a tip to the District. 

    If you plan on submitting an alert anonymously please be sure to check the "message center" in the application itself to see any responses to your tip, or requests from District Officials for additional information.

    The purpose of the app is for members of our school and community to report suspicious activity, bullying or student-related concerns to a school administrator. For all other reports, please contact your child's school directly. If you feel the need to keep this submission anonymous that is OK, we completely respect your right to privacy and appreciate you making us aware.


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    • Download the Anonymous Alerts® app for your Apple IOS or Android Device
    • Start the App, and enter the Activation Code:  wappingerscsd
    • Submit reports to District & School Officials and check the message center within the App for additional correspondence with the District
    • Add a screenshot, photo, or video about an incident

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