• Name: Mr. Cerullo                  Grade: K-6                     Email: dillon.cerullo@wcsdny.org                      Phone: ext. 17109
    ATTENTION!!! Class Codes For Remote Learning (classroom.google.com)


    Class Code
    Chorus 4 lpiht7s
    Chorus 5/6 5wozopx
    Kirsch qne4xyz
    Leveque ac5hcjy
    Greene sn3n3or
    Merritt puu5h4p
    Tyburski oujxgyn
    Lasalvia z6sl2bq
    Ryder djd6l6n
    Wilson likxyjk
    Marino xemsspj
    Zmudosky znfcrz6
    McCain wr4zeq2
    Kearney hiyynd5
    Foley sttb4pa
    Walker hvy72yg
    Segarra 2rxify7
    Hickey tn6pgit
    McCabe okkm7cs
    Halliday 5m3opcp
    Dease unpmlsr
    Lander 6irvnjn
    Roe cbg3fqf
    Hello all!
    I'm very excited for this school year to begin, and I hope you are too! Please browse through the sections for more details about upcoming events and additional information