honors program  
    Wappingers Central School District begins its Honors programs in grade 7. Students must apply for acceptance into the program. At grade 7, the Honors programs include math/science honors and ELA/social studies honors. Math/science honors are accelerated courses, culminating with grade 8 students taking the  Algebra Regents and the Earth Science Regents. Once accepted into the Honors programs, students must maintain an 85 or higher average. If a student is not accepted into the honors program at the junior high school level, a student may still gain access to high school level honors courses with an appropriate grade point average and teacher recommendation.  To view the application documents for the Grade 7 Honors program application, please click on the links below. All documents are in Adobe Acrobat format.
     This document explains the application process for Grade 7 Honors.
    Characteristics: This document outlines the differences between the regular grade 7 program and the Honors program.
    Application: This document is the application for the Grade 7 Honors program. It contains the criteria for entrance into the Grade 7 honors program. The student and parent initiate the application. 
    This document is filled out by the classroom teachers and is also part of the criteria for entrance into Grade 7 Honors.
    Parent letter: If a student is not accepted into the Grade 7 Honors program, a parent may appeal in writing by providing additional information that would pertain to acceptance into the Grade 7 Honors program. You may contact one of the Directors listed on the Grade 6 parent/student letter for further information.