Honors ProgramGRADE 7 HONORS: Applications will be due in March 2024: Dates To Come
    The Junior High School Honors Program is rigorous and demanding, with a faster pace of instruction.   Many aspects of a student’s life, in and out of school, should be considered before applying for admission.  Students are expected to maintain high standards of performance at all times.  There are guidelines to remain in the Program, including but not limited to maintaining an 85% or higher average. Junior High Math and Science Honors classes are accelerated courses which culminate in Regents exams at the end of grade 8.  Students who are successful in Math and Science Honors can earn high school credit.

    The online application form must be filled out by ALL 6th grade parents and can be accessed by clicking HERE.  Candidates must meet specific criteria for eligibility; final determinations for admission will be made by the department directors.  The completion of an application does not guarantee acceptance into the Honors Program.  Only those students who score at the top of the matrix (see link below) and have demonstrated high levels of academic achievement are accepted.  You will be notified in writing of our determination. 

    Please note that, due to our team/block scheduling configuration, students must qualify for and be placed in both Math and Science together as a block, and/or in both ELA and Social Studies together as a block.

    Linked below is an overview of the Honors Program and a sample of the Teachers’ Rating Matrix. A required essay is also part of the application process; it will be administered by your child's teacher.  The district directors can also answer specific questions related to the application process or the individual courses in the program.

    Please take time to review and discuss the above information with your child.  After careful consideration, please fill out the online application form to select whether or not you wish to apply for the program.  In either case, you will be given a specific due date for the submission (usually March). 

    This is the only opportunity that your child will have to apply for Grade 7 Honors.  However, students who meet eligibility criteria can be accepted into the Honors Program in subsequent years.


    Jenny Schinella, Director of K-12 ELA & Social Studies

    Adam Panzer, Director of 7-12 Mathematics & Science