• Booster Clubs of Wappingers Central School District

    Booster organizations support, encourage and enhance the fine and performing arts, as well as athletic programs in the Wappingers Central School District.  Booster organizations provide important support to district schools and provide a learning experience for students outside of the classroom.

    Board Policy 1222 states that booster clubs must follow these guidelines:

    • membership in the organization must be voluntary;
    • submit an activity schedule in advance to the Superintendent of Schools or designee for prior approval  (Any time the booster club uses the name of the school district, or any language suggesting that the district has endorsed, sponsored or otherwise approved of the club's activities, there must be prior approval by the Superintendent or designee.);
    • seek advance approval for any use of school facilities and/or equipment, following the policy and procedures outlined in policy 1500, Public Use of School Facilities and its accompanying regulation;
    • avoid interference with the decision-making of any student group;
    • booster clubs are independent organizations and need to be run and operated separately from District employees, including the Coach or leader of the student organization;
    • understand and respect the authority of district employees in the administration of their duties; and assume all financial responsibility for their organization, including but not limited to the provision of adequate insurance coverage, as appropriate.

    General Information & Resources:
    Click here to: Download the Booster Club Brochure

    Click here:  Booster Club Flowchart

    Board Policies:
    1222 - Relationship with Booster Organizations
    1500 - Facility Usage and Regulation
    1500-E.3 - Facility Usage Form/Application
    1510 - Public Sales on School Property and General Fund Raising
    1800 - Donations, Gifts, and Grants to the District

    Forms & Policies:
    The Wappingers Board of Education recognizes the need for community support of its programs.  As a way to ensure consistency of booster organizations throughout the District, a registration form must be on file each year.

    Below is the Annual Booster Club Registration Form, which requests contact information for the booster club officers, along with proof of a federal tax ID number, by-laws, a letter from a bank confirming an open account in the name of the booster organization, and an estimated budget.  Once submitted, an email confirming the registration will be sent to the Club President.  The booster club must be registered in order to begin any fundraising activities or request approval for overnight field trips.

    2023-2024 Annual Booster Club Registration Form - (After completing the registration form, please send the required documents listed below via email to alberta.pedro@wcsdny.org.  Thank you.)

    1. Proof of Federal Tax ID Number (letter from IRS) and, if applicable proof of 501(c)(3) status (IRS Determination Letter)
    2. By-laws
    3. Dated letter from the bank stating the organization holds an account in good standing
    4. Annual Budget

    Every booster organization needs to obtain a Federal Tax ID# or EIN. If you don't have one, apply on-line on the IRS website: https://www.irs.gov/businesses/small-businesses-self-employed/apply-for-an-employer-identification-number-ein-online. Provide the district with proof by uploading a copy of the IRS EIN confirmation notice with your registration.

    Click here for a Sample Budget Planning Spreadsheet (Excel) or  Sample Budget Planning Form (pdf). Please note in order to register an Annual Budget with Estimated Income/Expenses must be submitted.  Providing an actual budget is not needed for District records.

    *Complete a Fundraising Form 

    for all fundraising activities, regardless if held on or off district property. Once complete, give the form to the Athletic Director or Director of Fine & Performing Arts, as appropriate, for the first level of approval.