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Mr. Maoriello

Hi All - My name is Scott Maoriello and I have been teaching at John Jay High School since 1998. I teach Regents, Honors, and AP U.S. History. I also teach three electives - The American Civil War, Society and Culture in the 20th Century, and Philosophy. I advise the Debate Club. We meet every other Wednesday in room 229 from 2:30-3:30. 

Contact information:


Phone: (845) 897-6700 ext 30109 

Supplies: No supplies are necessary for all my classes

Daily Schedule:

Period 1  Room 229  AP US History

Period 2  Room 229  AP US History

Period 3  Outside Room 233  Hall Duty

Period 4  Room 229/109  Lunch

Period 5  Room 229  AP US History

Period 6  Room 229  Philosophy 

Period 7  Room 229  Honors US History

Period 8  Room 109/Library  Prep