• SCHOOL YEAR 2022-2023
    Name: Ana Gale-Morales
    Subject: Mathematics
    Email: Ana.morales@wcsdny.org
    Phone: 897-6700 Ext. 30072


    Period 1: Prep Time               Room 133

    Period 2:  Agebra 2                Room 137

    Period 3:  Duty                       Study Hall in Cafeteria

    Period 4:  Agebra 2                Room 137

    Period 5:  Agebra 2 Honors  Room 137

    Period 6:  Lunch                     Room 133

    Period 7:  Agebra 2 Honors   Room 140

    Period 8:  Agebra 2 Honors   Room 140   


    Office hours/extra help time by appointment during and after school days.

    All course syllabus and materials  will be shared through our Google Classroom.

    Please send me an email if the Google Classroom Access Code is needed for student access.

    All homework assignments and class information will be communicated through Google Classroom on a daily basis.