• Name:Dianna Bianco
    Subject:Physical Education (personal challenge, lifetime fitness & adapted PE)
    Phone:845-897-6700 x30045/46

    Beginning Friday April 3rd, I will be avaliable for "DISTANCE" office hours and assistance by appointment between the hours of 7:30am-2:30pm.  Please email me if you would like to set up a meeting. 

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    Mrs. Bianco

    Google Classroom Codes 

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    5 even-qrph577

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    8 even-eua4bhy

    1 odd-rtzgmg3

    2 odd-ueesoum

    3 odd-7wrsd3o

    5 odd-vevhuab

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    7 odd-snw6lzk


    Mrs. Bianco's Schedule 2019-20
    Odd Days (1,3,5)
    Period 1-Lifetime Fitness
    Period 2-Personal Challenge
    Period 3-Lifetime Fitness
    Period 4-Prep
    Period 5-Personal Challenge
    Period 6-Adapted PE
    Period 7-Personal Challenge
    Period 8 -Prep
    Even Days (2,4,6) 
    Period 1-Prep
    Period 2-Lifetime Fitness
    Period 3-Prep
    Period 4-Personal Challenge
    Period 5-Lifetime Fitness
    Period 6-Prep
    Period 7-Lifetime Fitness
    Period 8-Personal Challenge