•                  Mrs. Ciocchi           
    Subject: Earth Science/Honors Earth Science 
       Email: Catherine.Ciocchi@wcsdny.org   
      Phone: 845-897-6700  Ext. 30033
     Hi Everyone!
    I'm looking forward to learning with all of you.  It's important to work hard and keep up with current concepts.  ESPECIALLY LAB WORK! I am always available for extra help or reinforcement.  Just ask!
    Please bring your ESRT; 3 ring binder; pen and pencil to class EVERY day!!!
         My Schedule:          
    Per. 1- Prep- room 250
    Per. 2 - ES Room 248 or Prep 250
    Per. 3- ES room 248
    Per. 4- Lab ES room 249 or test table odd days
    Per. 5- ES room 249
    Per. 6- lunch
    Per. 7- ES 249(even days)- hall duty (even)
    Per. 8- ES 249
      *** I have included my author website as well as others on Link library page***