• Name:  Mrs. Varian
    Subject:  Chemistry
    Office:   245     Phone:  897-6700  x30035
    Schedule:  ODD:   Regents Chem Periods 3-5 Rm 260Honors Chem Period 7-8 Rm 263; Duty Period 1
                    EVEN:  Regents Chem Periods 3-5 Rm 260; Honors Chem Period 8  Rm 263Duty Period 1 

    Dear Students,

       Now that we are finishing the five weeks, please be diligent about handing in assignments and coming for help on Thursdays whenever you are not following in class.  If you cannotmake this day, speak with me and we'll see what we can arrange.  I look forward to a fun and exciting year with all of you!


    P.S.  I will be using Google Classroom for assignments and notes.  Below are links to the pacing calendars accessible to parents.

    Study your Vocab FLASHCARDS for every unit!