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    The John Jay Chapter of Computer Science Honor Society was chartered in the fall of 2022. We encourage enthusiasm for computer science and promote and recognize academic excellence and service among high school computer science students. Students in CSHS enjoy learning together in class, at club meetings, through competitions, by planning and running community outreach events, and on computer science related field trips. 


    To join our local CSHS, students must demonstrate an interest and aptitude in Computer Science through participation in any one of our many computer science related courses and maintain a class average above 90. Courses include:

    Introductory Coding Courses:

    • Computer Game Design & Mobile App Development
    • Computer Programming 1 / 2

    Advanced Placement Courses

    • AP Computer Science Principles (Computer programming + data structures, network structures & cyber security)
    • AP Computer Science A (Java programming)

    Related Courses

    • Microsoft Office (leading to Excel certification)
    • Web Design (including HTML and Cascading Style Sheets)
    • Graphic Design (including Adobe Photoshop / Lightroom and other graphics products)
    • Engineering Courses in the Tech department (Project management, system design, 3d printing, and more.)  


    NATIONAL Computer Science Honor Society Induction

    At the end of the academic year, students may apply for induction into the National Computer Science Honor Society. Admission requirements include: a weighted average of 90+ in computer science related coursework, demonstration of "work product" in computer science, and participation in a minimum number of community outreach activities to share the study of computer science with the larger community.  A prior year passing score on the AP CS-A exam or the AP CS-P exam satisfies the coursework requirement in all future years.

    Examples of Work Product:

    • Participation in the Congressional App Challenge or other coding or robotics competition
    • Submission of an Aspire Award to the National Conference of Women in Computing (NCWIT)
    • Participation in a Hack-a-Thon / Data Jam / Innovation Rally
    • Presentations to the club of a coding project or Tech in the News
    • Work at the John Jay Student Help Desk
    • Work in the lighting/sound booth
    • Work as a webmaster for any other club in the school
    • Work as a Student Tech Intern - Admin support

    Examples of Outreach:

    • CS Unplugged Day at the mall - run a booth
    • Hour of Code - Teacher Mentor at the Junior High
    • STEAM Day presenter for elementary school 
    • Winter Carnival - event imagination / setup / run a booth / breakdown 


    CSHS has two formal meetings per month (with snacks) and schedules any other meetings necessary to prepare for competition, outreach events and field trips. 


    Advisor: jocelyn.humphries@wcsdny.org