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    DCC GOV 121

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    * The Legislative Bill Project due day is being pushed back  to a to be determined time.  I will update as we know more.  


     LAW and the INDIVIDUAL

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    DCC GOV 121 

    Hello! These are truly unprecedented times we are living in. I would like you to watch the news, read a newspaper article, or read/analyze a news website on any aspect of the government response to the COVID-19 "Coronavirus". It can be the federal, state, or local government. Then write a half page analysis about what you read. This assignment can be turned into Google Classroom or directly emailed to me. It is due on Monday, April 6, by noon. If you are having an issue with access to technology to complete this assignment, please email me.
    Read a news article about any aspect of law and write a half page summary of it.  This assignment can be emailed directly to me or turned in on Google classroom.  Due by Monday, April 6, noon.  If you are having trouble gaining access to technology to complete this assinment, please email me.