Mr. Paul Albanese - Grade Level Administrator - Class of 2021

  • Class of 2021!


    As I write this message, there are only 8 weeks left of your time at John Jay. You have been through a lot over the past year, but it is almost over. This is not a time to slow down, this is a time to pick up the pace and focus on any course work that needs to be completed to ensure that you not only pass and graduate, but that you exceed your own expectations in doing so. All of your teachers, administrators and support staff are at the ready to assist you, but you are the first person responsible for your own destiny.  It is important that you stay in regular contact with your teachers to ensure that you are fully aware of assignments, due dates and other class requirements. Whether in person or virtual, continued daily attendance of all classes is a must.

    The Administration, Senior Advisors and Senior Council are working hard to ensure that end year senior events, prom and graduation are planned appropriately while remaining within COVID guidelines. This is not easy as the guidelines are everchanging, but all of you are definitely worth the effort. We promise to do our best for you!

    Again, there are only 8 weeks left! Now is the time to kick up your energy level and hone in on the work that needs to be done to finish this year at an optimum level.

    Stay tuned to familiar lines of communication to keep up to date with all end year senior events and requirements.




    Mr. Albanese

  • Contact Information:
    Phone: (845) 897-6700 x30082
    Office Location: Room 104 
    Grade Responsibility: Class of 2021

    Administrative Assistant:
    Mrs. Mary Ellen Kurzius
    (845) 897-6700 x30082