Mr. Paul Albanese - Grade Level Administrator - Class of 2021

  • Class of 2021!


    It is hard to believe that we are already in the holiday season. Time is moving fast. I wish that we can slow it all down, but “time waits for no one!” With that said, it is important on any day to take a moment to stop, reflect, disconnect from technology and reconnect with family and friends, but especially during the holidays. During our upcoming break and after you’ve had time to “reset’ yourselves, take a moment to check your academic status. Make sure that all academic expectations were, or are scheduled to be met and that you have been giving as much time and attention to your studies as is necessary. As you go through the process of checking your academic health, you may find areas of need. The time to tend to these areas must be immediate and ongoing until graduation day. You are at a crucial point in your education where inattention to the requirements of each of your classes can lead to finishing high school with a lower level of success than you’d wish for, or not finishing high school on time, or at all. Please, never lose interest in being the best that you can! Always know that there are many people here at Jay who are at the ready to assist you in any way possible, even if only virtually. Remember that it is your responsibility to seek this assistance when it is necessary. Stay in contact with your teachers and counselors as often as possible or as needed and of course, contact me whenever you need to. This year has not been easy, but you have navigated through it this far and together we will get through the rest of it and into a better 2021!

    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to the Class of 2021, your families, friends and loved ones!




    All the best in 2021,


    Mr. Albanese

  • Contact Information:
    Phone: (845) 897-6700 x30082
    Office Location: Room 104 
    Grade Responsibility: Class of 2021

    Administrative Assistant:
    Mrs. Mary Ellen Kurzius
    (845) 897-6700 x30082