Mr. Paul Albanese - Grade Level Administrator - Class of 2021

  • Contact Information:
    Phone: (845) 897-6700 x30082
    Office Location: Room 104 
    Grade Responsibility: Class of 2021

    Administrative Assistant:
    Mrs. Mary Ellen Kurzius
    (845) 897-6700 x30082

  • Class of 2021!


    I hope that you are having an enjoyable summer and that you have had time to be with family, friends and loved ones. Summer could also be a time of reflection, a time when you can look back on the previous year and begin to plan the coming year. Now that you are upper class women and men, you will see your world through a more mature lens and you will notice yourself acting more mature in the conversations you have, the relationships you have with your peers, the community around you, and in your academic performance. You will notice that Junior level course work will be more difficult and demanding than the previous year. You will have to be sure to give your studies the necessary time throughout your day to ensure your continued success. As always, everyone here at Jay and your families at home are ready to assist you. It is important that you seek assistance when you feel that you need it. Advocating for yourself by contacting the appropriate people will help us to help you, not only with academics, but also when you need help with social and emotional aspects of your life.

    Please make every effort to rest during the last few weeks of summer so that you have the energy to work hard during your Junior year. Together our goal should be to top our high level of success from the previous year. We look forward to seeing everyone on the first day of school, Thursday, September 5, 2019. Remember, first period begins promptly at 7:31 AM!


    All the best,

     Mr. Albanese