• Name: Mr. William Newman
    Subject: English Language Arts
    Email: william.newman@wcsdny.org
    Phone: 845-897-6700 ext. 30178

          Hello and welcome to the 2023-24 school year here at John Jay High School.  I look forward to our return to school and an invigorating and productive year for students in English Language Arts.  Please email me directly to address questions or concerns regarding the course and our work together.  That is the most efficient way to reach me; you will receive a response within one business day.  I'm more than willing to assist students who need help and guidance; please allow me the opportunity.  A few moments of clarification or explanation are often all kids need to feel capable of their work.

         Students will utilize their period's Google Classroom for our materials and announcements, including our course syllabus.  Students should take the initiative to actively oversee their Stream and Classwork tabs in order to be successful. Assignments are not optional and have due dates; observe them to avoid late penalties.  Arrive on time for class and stay the full duration of instruction.  Make attendance easier by being present as required and speaking up if arriving late; attendance will not be altered once the period has concluded.  Thank you for your cooperation and support. The link to our syllabus can be found here:


         My deepest respect and gratitude to all parents and caregivers who help their students procure the needed materials and who actively involve themselves in their children's educational journey toward self-reliance and independence.  Your cooperation and flexibility have been appreciated.  Family members are key components in supporting the progressively difficult steps toward achieving a high school diploma.  I very much look forward to our learning and growth this year.