Name:         Rebecca Zilinski
    Subject:      Art 
    Email:          Rebecca.zilinski@wcsdny.org

    Fall 2020 Remote Schedule:       

    Special Fall 2020 Note: A Google Classroom has been created for each class, and every student on my roster has been sent an invite. If a student hasn't received an invite, please email me at: rebecca.zilinski@wcsdny.org. Students, please check your Google Classroom, keep your notifications on, and feel free to email me with any questions you might have. 

    **The Google Meet link for each class is in the top banner of your Google Classroom.**    

    Per. 1     (8:10 - 8:35)         Advanced Art 2 (pre-AP)
    Per. 4     (9:40 - 10:05)       Advanced Art 1
    Per. 5     (10:10 - 10:35)     Advanced Art 1
    Per. 6     (10:40 - 11:05)     AP Studio Art
                                               (AP one-on-one meetings will also be scheduled between 12:50 - 2:25)
    Per. 8     (11:40 - 12:05)     Advanced Art 2 (pre-AP)
    12:05 - 12:50                      Teacher Lunch Period
    12:05 - 2:25:                       Students work on asynchronous/independent assignments.
                                                Students participate in small group lessons arranged by teacher. 
    12:50 - 2:25:                       Teachers are available to speak or meet with students. 
    Supplies needed for all Classes:
    Sketchbook Journal:  Sketchbooks should be nearby everyday for note taking and class work. Ideally, sketchbooks are  8½ x 11 or 9x12, spiral bound (no taped bindings), and can be found in most grocery stores, as well as office supply stores and online. Feel free to alter the cover and make it your own. (If we return, names need to be on the back surface in marker, large.)