I'll be using Google Classroom exclusively for all assignments and updates. Parents, if you would like your own access to Google Classroom, please email me at robert.fletcher@wcsdny.org and I'll add you right in. If you're ok with just looking over your child's shoulder, I'm ok with that, too! I'm looking forward to starting up work again (although I'm not entirely sure that you all are), and I hope to hear lots of good things from you in the coming weeks. As I get more information on grades, AP exams, and other important details, I'll pass them right along to you. 

    My "office hours" during the day are going to be from 10 AM-Noon. During these hours, when you email me I'll be getting back to you promptly. If you don't hear from me within a 10-15 minutes it's because I'm either answering other emails or telling my small children to get away from the computer or giving them food. If you email me after these times, I'll try to get back to you the same day, but it won't be as immediate. 

    Any other questions, let me know!

    Mr. Robert Fletcher 
    ELA Teacher-in-Charge
    Courses: English 12 AP Literature, English 11 AP Language
    Email: robert.fletcher@wcsdny.org
    Phone: 845.897.6700 x30079
    Office Hours in Room 100: 7:30-8:21 AM, Period 5 (10:59-11:45), Period 8 & After School (1:32-2:40; later by appointment)
    Welcome Message: "We are only healthy to the extent that our ideas are humane." -- Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.
    Important Notes: 
    • Please check the calendar link(s) on the left side of the page for homework, projects, and essays.
    • I am using Google Classroom this year! Students should visit the site on a regular basis for updates, assignments, conversations, videos to watch, and articles to read. Parents, if you'd like access to the information, please contact me for GC access.
    • Remember that daily homework is due on that date--there is no make-up for these assignments. Late long-term assignments are generally penalized at 10 points per day.
    • For any other class specifics, consult the appropriate handout below.

     12 AP Literature Handbook

     11 AP Language Syllabus