• Name:  Ruth LancerClip Art 1
    Subject:  Studio in Art
    Email:  ruth.lancer@wcsdny.org
    Phone:  845-897-6700

    Studio in Art is a one credit course based on the foundations of technique, material exploration, history and critique. Students will be introduced to art and design while exploring a variety of material. We will be covering elements and principles of art, color theory, sketchbook development and design. Students may continue their art experience by taking other art electives upon completion of Studio in Art.

    Materials for class can be found on http://classroom.google.com

    Studio in Art PD.1: jtvbayo

    Studio in Art PD. 4: keni54r

    Studio in Art PD. 5 wqebgxw

    Ceramics 1 PD. 6: 47zjes3

    Studio in Art PD. 8: mwrrbkv