• John Jay High School Proscenium

    This is just an intermission - Proscenium -  
    Proscenium WILL run during the 2020-2021 school year!
    We are working on a virtual spring performance!
    Check back for more information!
    Choose your tickets carefully.  We are not able to process refunds.  Thank you. 
    VOLUNTEERS! Please go to the VOLUNTEER page using the link on the left of this page
    If you are interested in serving as a volunteer, please be certain to send an e-mail to Mrs. Cooke indicating your interest.  Also, if you have not been approved as a volunteer, please be certain to complete the necessary form, and submit it at your earliest convenience to the appropriate administrator. Thanks for your interest in helping. 
    Any questions? Our emails:
    Mr. Ryan Banda, Pit Director, Lighting & Sound Crews for outside events:  ryan.banda@wcsdny.org
    Mr. James Casey, Publicity/Programs, Props, Sets & House Crews:  james.casey@wcsdny.org 
    Mrs. Megan Cooke, Fall and Spring Director:  megan.cooke@wcsdny.org
    Mrs. Meryl Green, Costume, Hair and Makeup Crews:  meryl.green@wcsdny.org (formerly Ms. Enos)
    Mrs. Jocelyn Humphries, Lighting & Sound Crews for Proscenium events:  jocelyn.humphries@wcsdny.org
    Find us on Instagram @johnjayproscenium

    Students:  Join our Google Classroom: 4msk7kv