Officers 2020-2021


    Secretary- Lindsey Lolkema


    Fundraising Treasurer- Daniel Young


    Production Treasurer- Thomas O’Mara


    Vice President- Jaclynn Coviello


    President- Lindsey Kershenbaum


    Stage Manager Fall & Spring - Eileen Dailey
    Assistant Stage Manager(s) - Open. To apply- email Mrs. Cooke at megan.cooke@wcsdny.org

    Lighting Crew Chief - Lily Garver
    Assistant Crew Chief - Abby Kwasnicki

    Sound Crew Chief - Eden Konitz
    Assistant Crew Chiefs - Katy Kish and Alaina Bird

    Costume Crew Chief - Meagan Amato
    Assistant Crew Chiefs - Lexxy Doerr & Ethan Riley-Brown

    House Crew Chief - Catherine Ausiello

    Assistant Crew Chief- Joanna Chimbo

    Hair & Make-up Co Crew Chiefs - Stephanie Passarella & Maddy Shour
    Assistant Crew Chief - Daniela Mossos

    Set Co Crew Chiefs--Jaclyn Coviello & Melissa Siebert
    Assistant Crew Chief--Gavin Garver

    Art Co Crew Chiefs--Madison Morsey & Ashley Van Tassell

    Props Crew Chief - Nicole Busse

    Publicity / Program Co Crew Chiefs--Sophia Haynes & Phebe Webb