• Name: Caryn Stuart 
    Subject: Special Education/English/Room 113  
    Schedule:  Period 1 : SC English 10-Room 210

                      Period 2: Prep

                      Period 3: Duty
                     Periods 4 and 7:  ICT ELA 11- Room 103 (Period 4)  Room 216 (Period 7)

                     Periods 5 and 8: ICT English 10-Room 215

                     Period 6: Lunch

    Good morning, everyone!

         I hope you are well and that everyone is healthy.   Make sure that you are joining our google classrooms. Please know that I am here for you, even if you just want to check in with me, and I will happily answer all emails.  Just as a reminder, my email is caryn.stuart@wcsdny.org


    Period 1- All information is on our google classroom.  

    Periods 4 and 7- All information is on our google classroom.

    Periods 5 and 8- All information is on our google classroom and also on Mr. Newman's teacher webpage. 

    Please let me know if you have any probems accessing information.  We will get through this together; the important thing is that you are healthy and know that you are supported by your teachers.


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