• Name: Caryn Stuart
    Subject: Special Education/English/Suite 8 
    Schedule:  Periods 1 : SC English 10-Room 210
                     Periods 2:  Resource Room: 224
                     Periods 5 and 8: ICT English 10-Room 215
                     Period 3: Duty
                     Period 4: Prep
                     Period 6: Lunch
                     Period 7: ICT English 10 Support- Room 210







    Email: caryn.stuart@wcsdny.org
    Welcome to a new school year!  We have many exciting things to learn and I hope this will be a great year for all of us. 
    Periods 5, and 8 English 10: As we discussed in class, all assignments are posted on Mr. Newman's website.  Please check there for the most up to date information. 
    Period 1  SC ELA 10 English:  We will not have officially assigned homework, but all students should have an independent reading book and read for fifteen minutes each night.