• Name: Caryn Stuart
    Subject: Special Education/English/Room 113  
    Schedule:  Periods 1 : SC English 10-Room 210
                     Periods 2 and 4:  ICT ELA 11- Room 105
                     Periods 5 and 8: ICT English 10-Room 215
                     Period 3: Prep
                     Period 6: Lunch
                     Period 7: Duty

    Good morning, everyone!

         I hope you are well and that everyone is healthy.  It seems like a good time to review where to find the assignments and materials as we move to our online instruction.  Essentially everything is the same except we will not get to see each other.  Please know that I am here for you, even if you just want to check in with me, and I will happily answer all emails.


    Period 1- All information is on our google classroom.  

    Periods 2 and 4- All information is on our google classroom.

    Periods 5 and 8- All information is on Mr. Newman's teacher webpage as it has been all year.  We will probably be moving to the google classroom we created a few weeks ago so please join if you have not done so already.  For now we will have all information on Mr. Newman's webpage because we want to keep with the routine you are most familiar with in our class.  I have posted in the google classroom as well for announcements but assignments and lessons are not there at this time.


    Please let me know if you have any probems accessing information.  We will get through this together; the important thing is that you are healthy and know that you are supported by your teachers.







    Email: caryn.stuart@wcsdny.org
    Welcome to a new school year!  We have many exciting things to learn and I hope this will be a great year for all of us. 
    Periods 5 and 8 English 10: As we discussed in class, all assignments are posted on Mr. Newman's website.  Please check there for the most up to date information. 
    Period 1  SC ELA 10 English:  We will not have officially assigned homework, but all students should have an independent reading book and read for fifteen minutes each night. 
    Periods 2 and 4 English 11:  As we discussed in class, Mrs. Enos will have our homework posted on her website.  Please check there for the most up to date information.