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    We currently offer three Foreign Languages for students to learn.  They are French, Italian, and Spanish.  The goal of the Foreign Language program is to develop in each student the ability to understand and communicate verbally, as well as to read and write in the foreign language.  Students develop a knowledge of vocabulary, a knowledge of the structure of the language, the ability to read the language at sight, and the appreciation of the contributions to our culture of the people whose language is being studied.  The students are aided in speaking and in understanding the target language through frequent use of video and audio recordings and authentic materials.

    Graduation Requirements

    1.  In order to satisfy the minimum graduation requirements for any New York State diploma, unless specifically exempted by an Individualized Education Plan (I. E. P.), all students must earn one (1) unit of foreign language credit by either:
    a) completing two (2) years of foreign language study and passing a Proficiency Exam at the junior high school level, or
    b) passing one (1) high school foreign language course.

    Students exempted from this requirement by an I. E. P. must substitute one (1) credit in another subject area in place of the foreign language credit.

    2.  In order to qualify for and Advanced Regents Diploma, unless specifically exempted by and I. E. P., all students must complete a sequence of three (3) credits and pass the NYS Regents Exam (or equivalent) in a foreign language.  Students exempted from this requirement by an I. E. P. must substitute three (3) credits in some other subject area(s) in place of the foreign language sequence.
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