• Name: Lisa Pesce
    Subject: Honors United States History and AP Government & Politics
    Email: lisa.pesce@wcsdny.org
    Phone: 845.897.6700 ext 30062

    Honors US History and Government

    Adanved Placement US Government and Politics


    All assignments will be posted on my google classroom.  


    Dear Students and Parents

    All Students were directed to join classroom last week but if for somereason you did not join or you were absent please email me and I will invite you to the classroom.  As we all navigate through the next few weeks it is very important we do not lose what we have already learned this year! We have been working hard. I will be posting material to keep your Social Studies skills current and you engaged the material.  I will post material from our most recent topics along with some review.  


    The material posted is for the next two weeks (10 school days)  Pace yourself, some of the assignments will take more than "one" class day to complete.  You will NOT be submitting anything at this time. Be sure to make yourself a copy of each document.  Google Docs can be done by the "Make a copy" function under File in top left.  For the Microsoft Word doucments it is easiest to make yourself a Google Doc and type your answers to the question for each of the worksheets.  


    Do NOT hesitate to email me with any questions or concerns

    Be Well! 

    Mrs Pesce