• School email: michael.bastien@wcsdny.org

    School phone number: (845) 897-6700

    Office extension number to be reached at: ext 30036

    Daily Schedule: I teach class periods 3/4, 4/5, and 7/8

    Classroom Supply List:

    Pen and pencil
    Colored pencils (optional)
    One inch binder (or can be shared with another class)
    Calculator - any kind (optional)
    Two pocket folder
    Earth Science Reference Table (provided)

    Homework policy: Homework is infrequently assigned but it is expected to be completed and submitted in a timely manner.

    Grading policy: Assignments turned in early or on time will be eligible for the maximum point value. Late assignments will not be accepted past the grading quarter for which they were assigned. Students who miss an assignment due to absence are responsible for making immediate arrangements with the teacher to schedule a make-up date & time.

    Classroom expectations:

    1. Personal Electronic Devices: Phones and other personal electronic devices can be brought to class, but may NOT be utilized in class unless specified by me.

    2. Behavior: The most important thing you will do in my class is respect others. You do this by not interrupting me (your instructor) or the other students in the class who are trying to pay attention.

    3. Class Materials to Bring Everyday: Please be sure you have all classroom supplies ( pen, pencil, ESRT, classwork that has been provided, etc) everyday and do not ask me if you need to bring them.


    Period 3/4, 4/5, 7/8