• All assignments for all classes will now be posted on google classroom. Class Codes are as follows:

    Algebra 2 Period 3 - rizac44

    Algebra 2 Period 6 - utxwgoj

    Algebra 2 Period 8 - 3gdep32

    Geometry Period 4 - 623hou4

    Geometry Honors Period 7 - v2yed7x



    Strategies for Improving Your Grade

    1. Be on time and prepared for class.
    2. Always be awake and paying attention in class
    3. Always attempt each homework problem you are given.
    4. Ask questions in class when you are not understanding something.
    5. Come for extra help during any of my available times. Please click the "extra help" link for more info.
    6.  Ask me for a peer tutoring application that you can return to Ms. Tarby's mailbox in the main office.  The math honors society students volunteer their time to help younger students who are struggling in math. 
    7.  On Wednesday nights Van Wyck has extra help hours available for students struggling in math.  The enrollment form can be downloaded from our district website.
    8. The learning center is open on Tuesdays and Thursday after school.  Please go to your guidance counselor for more information.
    9.  You may also hire a private tutor for an hourly rate. The hourly rate is to be discussed between your parent and the tutor when/if the time comes. If this interests you please have your parent email me so I can arrange one for you. These tutors are typically other math teachers.