• Honors Geometry and Regents Geometry

    Welcome to  Geometry  with Mrs. Lahey

    Course Description: The Geometry Regents course includes the full Common Core Geometry curriculum and your child will take the New York State Common Core Regents Exam at the conclusion of this school year. Topics include constructions, types of angles, transformations, similarity, trig functions, euclidean proofs, coordinate proofs, circles,  3 dimensional geometry, and more.


    Materials: - pens or pencils   - large 3 ring binder that will only be used for Geometry  - scientific or graphing calculator (for homework)  - loose leaf - graph paper - one compass and one ruler.


    Homework Policy: There is homework almost every night and it is expected to be completed.  Homework will be checked for completeness and is worth 1 point.  If it is incomplete, 1/2 credit will be awarded. We will go over the homework at the beginning of each period. Students should come prepared with their work and be ready to ask any questions they may have on that topic.  Late homework is not excepted and will receive a score of zero.


    Quizzes:  Every 4 to 5 days there will be a quiz and the students will know about these quizzes in advance. Short pop quizzes will also be given. Quizzes range from 5 – 40 points.


    Exams: There is one cumulative exam at the end of each quarter.  Exams are worth 100 points. 


    Attendance Policy:  For every day a student is absent, that is the amount of days they will have to make up the material and missing assignments. 


    Grades :  A students average is based on total points.  A students' average is updated every week and available to see in their Google Classroom at all times. There should never be any surprises regarding where a student stands and how they are progressing in the class.



    Parents/Guardians:  Feel free to contact me about anything regarding your child. Please let me know if there is anything I should be aware of that will contribute to your child’s success. Thank you!

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