• Course Description (AA1 F96):   Advanced Art 1 (AA1) is the second course in the 4-course Drawing & Painting sequence. It follows Studio-In-Art and is the prerequisite for Advanced Art 2 (AA2). In AA1 we expand upon the foundation drawing skills and techniques learned in Studio-In-Art. This is a very creative course in which students develop their visual problem-solving skills, strengthen their observational drawing skills, and expand their knowledge of a variety of media. This is also the course where we begin to impart more meaning into a work of art. For many students, this is both a freeing and at times challenging experience. Expect both. 

    Expectations:  Students are expected to attend all classes on time, and be ready when the bell rings. Students need to complete all assignments on time to receive full credit, including homework. Late work is deducted 5 points per day. If extenuating circumstances arise, it is the student’s responsibility to communicate with the instructor so that accommodations can be made. Ultimately, the amount of time and energy put into the course is directly related to the degree of success.

    Assessment:  Students are given grades for quizzes, homework, class projects, and sketchbook work. Students are regularly given rubrics with specific goals and criteria. Evaluation is ongoing, and often occurs during projects, not just at the end. Feedback from the instructor and classmates (often in the form of a group critique) is provided regularly. Like any other subject, feedback is used to help students get better, recognize progress, determine areas for improvement, and learn how to critically observe and speak about artwork. 

    Supplies Needed for Advanced Art 1 (Classroom resources are available, please contact teacher.) 

    Sketchbook Journal:  Sketchbook work is a large part of the grade for this course. Sketchbooks should be 8½ x 11 or 9x12, spiral bound (no taped bindings). Sketchbooks should be in class everyday for note taking and class work. Feel free to alter the cover and make it your own. Names need to be on the back surface in marker, large.
    Storage Option (folder or binder):  Students should have a place to keep all handouts. A flat folder or very small 3-ring binder may be left in the classroom cubbies. Students may also include a section for Advanced Art 1 in one large binder with other subjects if this system works better for them.