• Name: Ana Gale-Morales
    Subject: Mathematics
    Email: Ana.morales@wcsdny.org
    Phone: 897-6700 Ext. 30072

    Google Classroom Codes

    Period 1: dut2z5t

    Period 3: da0e5ig

    Period 4: 7n3nka

    Period 5: 6lnl49o

    Period 7: dnkfz0

    * assignments handed in on time and at a high academic level will count as a 4 points.
    * assignments handed in on time and at a satisfactory level will count as a 3 points.
    * assignments handed in late will count as 2 points.
    * no assignments received will count as a 0 point.
    You will be allowed to redo these assignmets at most twice and within the due date.
    In addition to these assignments, you will be taking assessments online that will be given periodically and will count towards your 4th quarter grade.
    I will be holding Google Meetings by appointment. Please send me an email so we can arrange for a meeting time.

    Link for extra help on Algebra II Common Core:  https://www.engageny.org/resource/high-school-algebra-ii. 
    Link for TI-84+  free 90 days emulator you can install on your home computer is https://t.co/Yh64VVgYgB
    Link for Regents Review (videos): https://www.nysmathregentsprep.com/algebra2---regents-review.html
    Videos to Practice Regents Exams: https://sites.google.com/view/mrkrausemath2017/home
    Math Help Website: https://emathinstruction.com/
    Topical Reviews: https://patrickjmt.com/
    Engage New York: www.engageny.org/resource/high-school-algebra-ii