• Hello and Welcome to Mr. Utter's Social Studies Class.

    Contact info:zachary.utter@wcsdny.org

    During Virtual learning students will need relaible access to a computer preferably but in the event one is unavalible most tablets or phones are acceptable. John Jay is offering chromebooks to those who need them. Parents were sent an email about how to aquire one but if you need help please don't hesistate to ask. 

    Once we transition into hybrid learning students will need a binder, looseleaf, and 3 dividers. 


    Grading Policy: 

    • Classwork 33%
      •  Synchronous and Asynchronous Work 
    • Quiz Assessments: 33%
      • Semi-Weekly Quizzes, Long Form Assignments e.g. paragraphs
    • Tests/Projects/Summative Assessments:34%
    • Note on Grading Policy: All Quiz and Test Grades will have a clear label on Google Classroom


    I teach AP Global I, Global I and Global II. Most essential information can be found on Google Classroom which can be located in the side bar. 

    Contact Information


    In case you need to find me my daily schedule is as follows.

    Period 1- 

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