• Construction Systems
    Course Code: T723
    Prerequisites: None
    Semester Offered: Half Year - 1/2 Credit
    Ranking Weight: .5

    Recommended Grades: 9-12
    College Credit: No

    Course Description:

    Construction Systems is a ½-unit, twenty-week course offered to all students. Construction Systems explores how mankind shapes the world using current technology to provide solutions for society’s needs. This course will explore the four fields of construction- Light Construction, Commercial Construction, Industrial Construction, and Civil Construction. Seventy-five percent of the course time will be spent on hands-on activities in a laboratory setting. Lab activities will center on the most common construction activities found in Light and Commercial Construction. Careers within the construction trades will be explored throughout the course. Personal safety, energy use, conservation, and environmental issues are addressed as related to all fields of construction.

    Overview of the Course:

    Since humankind’s first attempts to use technology to overcome the adversity in the natural world, he/she has used some element of Construction Systems to solve the problems at hand. In this course the universal systems approach of inputs, resources, processes, outputs and controls, will be explored as it pertains to the four main types of construction found today- Light Construction, Commercial Construction, Industrial Construction, and Civil Construction. Progress made in these four areas affects every community in the world. Infrastructure building and maintenance is a challenge throughout all countries. Construction system activities have a major impact on people’s lives, and provide a wide variety of occupations in each community.

    Career opportunities, and job qualifications will be discussed throughout the course.  Since all structures built will have an impact on the environment in which they are constructed, this course will explore how these impacts can be positive and/or negative. This course is not a vocational training course, but will provide enough knowledge to the student, so that they may pursue vocational areas of interest. Student activities will encompass hands-on lab activities as well as computer-based simulations. Course will be updated to reflect innovations in construction processes and products.

    Topics, Activities, and Projects:

    *Floor plan

    *Wall Layout and Construction

    *General Plumbing


    *Roof design and construction

    *Framing Systems



    *Scale model building construction

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