• Basic Electricity/Electronics
    Course Code: T725
    Prerequisites: None
    Semester Offered: Half Year - 1/2 Credit
    Ranking Weight:
    Recommended Grades: 9-12
    College Credit: No

    Course Description:

    Basic Electronics and Electricity provides students with a background in electronics and electricity principles. Many activities involve Energy Electronics and the use of Innovative Green Electronic Technology systems. Students will also participate in household wiring projects such as wiring up a room in a house, garage door openers, “Clap on Clap off” circuits, and solar panels.

    Topics, Activities, and Projects:

    • Circuits – Parallel, Series

    • Current, Voltage, Resistance

    • L.E.D Lighting

    • Sound Electronics

    • Electronic Decision Making

    • Fiber Optics

    • AC/DC

    • Residential Wiring

    • Soldering

    • Solar Power

    • Windmill Generator

    • H20 Turbine

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