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    STEM Education is key to preparing students to be competitive for the 21st global economy.  See why the Technology & Engineering (T&E) is critical in STEM  education.

    Free Tuition for NYS Students in STEM 

    Cuomo proposes free tuition for top 10 percent of high school graduates who pursue STEM majors 

    Obama: 'We don't have enough engineers'
    President Barack Obama is making a push to train 10,000 new American engineers a year, primarily with the help of the private sector.

    MSG Varsity Spotlight on John Jay
    MSG Varsity's Spotlight on John Jay Technology Education & Engineering Program.

    Why STEM Education?
    Technology Education & Engineering is the bridge between Math and Science.  98% of the environment we live and interact with is human made. Why is it important to take Technology & Engineering?

    The Fun Theory

    Some great inventions and innovations to help motivate people to do the right thing.

    Drills and Skills
    Why some administrators are putting emphasis on woodworking class

    Website & Program Support Links
    Project Lead the Way
    Project Lead The Way, our national engineering curriculum and program information.

    Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)
    Our engineering partnership school, this is where our John Jay Technology & Engineering students receive their college credit from.
    Some great resources brought to you by Online College.org. Browse journals and links related to the field of Engineering. 
    A collection of reliable academic and career resources on a number of subjects, including Engineering. Students can access free academic journals, professional industry magazines, open courseware, and more.