• Transportation Systems
    Course Code: T720
    Prerequisites: None
    Semester Offered: Half Year - 1/2 Credit
    Ranking Weight: 1.00
    Recommended Grades: 9-12
    College Credit: No

    Course Description:
    Transportation systems is a course that will acquaint students with a range of methods used to move people, materials, and products, across the land sea and air.  The study of these systems will be the main focus of the course. The theory of operation and the scientific principles of the transportation systems will be included.  The course is full year for one period each day. The lab work will consist of 20 or more instructional topics and 60-70 lab periods for student activity.  Such lab activities will include construction of model cars, planes, rockets, and boats.  Students will also experiment with internal combustion engines that are used to power our transportation systems, as well as auto repair and maintenance.

    Transportation systems, and the technology that is involved with them, is rapidly changing.  These systems play an immeasurable role in the lives of students and citizens in the modern world.  It is imperative to learn about these systems in order to be a contributing member of the technological society.  Knowing and understanding these systems will give students a real advantage in a world that revolves around transportation.

    Topics, Activities, and Projects:
    History of Land, Sea, and Air Transportation
    Airplane Instrument and controls
    Model Airplanes
    Model Rockets
    Model Boat/Sailboat Construction
    Boat maintenance
    Hull Design
    Small Engines
    Two and Four Stroke Theory
    Alternative Fuel Vehicles
    Car Maintenance
    Vehicle Body Repair
    NYS Boat Safety Certification

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