• I.    Project Homework -
    Students who are struggling academically or who simply need a quiet structured environment to complete homework are encouraged to participate in John Jay's Project Homework Program. This program is run on Tuesday and Thursdays afternoons after-school. Students that participate do need to provide their own transportation home. The late bus is available for students who wish to utilize district transportation. Students should sign up for the late bus in the morning in the Main Office.

          The Learning Center- 
    You must fill out the form posted below.  It may take up to one week to process the information, if a tutor is available.  If a tutor is not available, you will be wait-listed and notified as soon as there is a tutor available.  Ms. Herasimtschuk will try her best to best match you up with a tutor of your preference using the answers you provided on the application, but cannot guarantee anything.  All students are held accountable if they do not show up for a planned tutoring session. If you do not show up, your application will no longer be considered, and you will lose all benefits of the Learning Center’s tutoring program.  Students must sign in and are required to follow the Learning Center/ Project Homework Rules).  All students must show up on time (2 p.m.), and remain in room 197 until 3:30 p.m., unless they bring a note from their parents or put Ms. Herasimtschuk on the phone with their parents, indicating that they will be picked up early and who will be picking them up.

    II.    Travel Sheet -

    This is an intervention that can be implemented to serve as a method of daily communication for teachers and parents. Students are expected to present travel sheets to teachers daily.

    III.    LIT Meetings -

    This meeting also known as a Learning Improvement Team Meeting serves to bring parents, teachers, the guidance counselor, and in some cases the grade level administrator together to support students academic progress and achievement. LIT meetings can be requested by either the parent or a member of the school faculty.