• Communication Systems

    Course Description:
    Communication Systems is a half-year, full credit course, taught by the Department of Technology in conjunction with the Art Department (Studio-In-Art) at John Jay. Upon completion of both Communication Systems and Studio-In-Art, students will receive credit in Technology and Art. Student’s NYS Regents Art/Music requirement will be fulfilled.

    Course Objectives:
    Students will develop computer vocabulary related to concepts, aesthetics, and technical skills related to communications. Students will understand societal needs and impacts communication systems have. Students will have a broader understanding of what technology is all about.

    Topics Covered:
    •    Introduction to Technology Education, Communication Technology, and Communication Systems
    •    Inventions and Inventors related to the field of Communication Technology
    •    Visual Communication Systems
    •    Adobe Photoshop Poster Design
    •    Multimedia Presentation Techniques
    •    Digital Imaging
    •    Audio Communication Systems
    •    Audio Mixing in Sound Studio
    •   Audio Recording Techniques and Editing
    •    Audio/Video Communication Systems
    •    Introduction to Video Production
    •    Video Camera Shooting Techniques
    •    SoundFX for Special Effects in Video
    •    Sport and Activity Documentation
    •    Chroma Keying using Green Screen Technology
    •    Electronic Communication
    •    Satellite and GPS Technology
    •    Telecommunication Technologies