• PLTW Engineering Design & Development

    Course Description:
    Engineering Design & Development is the capstone Project Lead the Way course at John Jay High School.  Students spend a majority of the course identifying and solving a real-life open-ended engineering problem.  At the conclusion of the course, students present their solutions to a panel of engineers who provide feedback and critiquing student solutions.

    Course Objective:
    The intent of this course is to prepare you for college and beyond involvement in a real “project development lifecycle” experience. Much of the course work must be done outside the classroom. In the high school environment, which is a structured schedule, passing between classes and hall passes, is not exactly like the college or the industrial world. In order to best model industry, you will be granted the privilege of being able to go where you need to go to get your work done.

    Topics Covered:
    •    Design Process 
    •    Product Scheduling 
    •    Patent Search
    •    Patent Registration and Development 
    •    Product Life Cycle 
    •    Presentation Techniques 
    •    Data Collection 
    •    Data Presentation 
    •    Prototype Planning and Construction
    •    Testing and Evaluation of Products 
    •    Interview Process 
    •    Decision Matrix Construction 
    •    Material Price Lists 
    •    Confidentiality/Non-Disclosure Agreements
    •    Graphical Timeline Mapping