Frequently Asked Questions: This page contains answers to common questions 
    of students and parents.
    Students need to either schedule a time to make up the lesson, 
    or, if the lesson was missed due to a quiz, movie, or review in 
    class, s/he needs to fill out a lesson excuse form, have it 
    signed by the classroom teacher and submit it to Mrs. Esposito.
    Please remember that unattended/unexcused lessons will result in 
    zeros.  (Refer to packet distributed on the first day of school)
    No.  We are working to teach your child proper concert 
    ettiquette.  This means they are to stay for the entire concert 
    in order to show support for and appreciate the other musicians 
    who are performing. (Refer to packet distributed on the first day of school)
    Concert Band and Big Band dress in all black.
     Ladies: Black dress pants and a black blouse.  (no jeans or leggings)
    If you choose to wear a dress or skirt it MUST be KNEE LENGTH or longer.  
    Shoes and stockings should also be black.
    Gentlemen: Black dress pants, black button down shirt, black 
    socks and shoes.  No jeans or sneakers.  Ties are expected 
    and can be colorful.  Consider a John Jay blue tie and show your 
    school colors!!
    Ideally, every day for at least a half hour.  As with any other 
    subject, repetition and careful study are required for progress.  
    Your child should be practicing scales, his/her lesson assignment, 
    and band pieces/solos.  The students' performance as a group is 
    only as good as their individual practice.