• Supplies
    Please feel free to contact me with any questions:
    Pencil, lesson book and folder 
    If your child plays clarinet or alto saxophone, please make sure they have extra reeds (a box is a good idea- 2.5 strength).  Also, a 'tube' of cork grease and a swab.
    Oboists and bassoonists should also have at least one extra reed (at least 2 working reeds) at all times, a swab, and a small container for water to soak their reed.
    Flutists, please get a small piece of cloth (apx. 4" X 12") to use as a 'swab'. (A piece of Tshirt is fine)
    Brass players (trumpet, trombone, French horn, euphonium) should have a wash cloth in their case.  Please be sure you have valve oil and slide oil/grease.
    Pencils (in folders at ALL times)
    Your own sticks, mallets, and bag
    Reeds (you should have extras with you EACH day)
    Mouthpieces, Valve Oil, Mutes
    Rehearsal music
    Stands, tuners and metronomes for home practice are a great idea as well.
     **Any other items you need to perform well in rehearsal each day.