Concert Band

    Remember to check our Google Classroom and your email regularly. 

    Know that I am always available via email:   lisa.esposito@wcsdny.org 

    Concert Dress
    Ladies: Black Dress blouse, Black Dress Pants, Black Shoes
    Gentlemen: Black Dress Shirt, Tie, Black Dress Pants, Black Shoes
    ALL Band members are expected to practice both their band music and their lesson assignments at home.
    Slow careful practice technical passages will help you gain ability and success.  Increase tempo after your ability improves. Play long tones with a tuner at different dynamic levels to determine the intonation tendencies of your instrument.  Learn how to maintain pitch at all dynamic levels.
    Daily Preparation Equipment: 
    Percussionists- a stick bag with mallets, sticks, etc. is necessary for your preparation.
    Winds and Brass- please remember a swab, reeds, oil, etc.
    ALWAYS bring your instrument and pencil- be ready for rehearsal.
    Thank you Boosters and parents for your continued support of our program!!