• Participation in Government

    Mr. Drnek/ Mr. Pedota




    Welcome young historians!  This class is all about our government and how it functions.  Some of the topics covered are the branches of government, political parties, voting requirements, and current events.  This class is required for graduation.


    Classroom Materials:  

    • Students will be required to bring the following materials to class Everyday.
    • Pen and pencil.
    • A binder for handouts, readings, projects, and loose-leaf paper.


    Classroom Rules:

    • All rules stated in the John Jay Code of Conduct apply to class.
    • Be on Time.
    • Cell phones will be used at the discretion of the teachers.  They need to be out of sight and silenced.


    Attendance Policy:

    • Absences--- You are responsible for any work you missed while you were absent.  This includes classwork, homework, projects, writing assignments, etc. It is your responsibility to hand in work due to absences.


    Course Requirements:


              Community Service--- Students are required to complete 10 hours of Community Service.  This is a graduation requirement. Community Service is worth 20% of marking period 4                                                   average.


    • Town Meeting---- Students are required to attend one Town Meeting (School Board Meeting, Town Meeting, Zoning Meeting, etc).  This will be virtual attendance.
    • Legislative Bill Project--- Students are required to create a sample bill on a topic of their choice and propose their bill to become a possible law.
    • Mock Elections Project--- Students will be working with their political party of their choice to create a party platform and to select a president and vice president to run for office.


    • Movie Critiques/ Reviews--- We will be watching various movies during the semester of  topics that pertain to government. Students will be writing movie critiques/ essays where students identify how the movie fits into the PIG curriculum.
    • Participation--- Students are expected to participate in class activities, group activities, debates, and individual assignments.
    • Debates--- Students will be participating in debates on various issues that pertain to government.



    Grading: Grades are based on total points.



    • Projects (200 points or more)
    • Movie Critiques/ Writeups (200 points or more)
    • Debates (100 points)
    • Asynchronous Learning (20 points or more)
    • Classwork (20 points or more)



    Possible Issues we will focus on:


    • Presidential Elections
    • Election Process
    • Jury Process
    • Special Interest Groups
    • 5th Amendment--- Due Process Rights, Rights of the Accused 
    • 2nd Amendment 
    • Death Penalty
    • Abortion
    • Euthanasia
    • Medicinal Marijuana
    • Education
    • Immigration
    • War in Iraq and Afghanistan
    • Electoral College
    • Election Process
    • Gay and Lesbian Rights
    • Patriot Act
    • 9/11




    Contact Information:

    The best way to reach us would be through our email address.  Students and parents feel free to email us at any time because we check our email frequently every day.  We can also be contacted by phone as well.  


    E-mail--- thomas.drnek@wcsdny.org                     897-6700 extension 30062

                    joseph.pedota@wcsdny.org                    897-6700 extension 30088