• Mr. Drnek/ Mr. Pedota                                                    Name___________________          

    Economics----Course Requirements            Fall 2021              


    Welcome to Economics.  Economics is a ½ year course.  Students will complete a final project at the end of the course in January.


    Classroom Rules:

    1. Be on time to class.  Currently we meet Monday through 

          Friday on Google Meets during our scheduled time.


    1. Be prepared and be an active participant in class.  Bring the 

         necessary materials to class.


    1. Homework will be given on a regular basis.  Homework 

         needs to be on your desk when the bell rings.


    1. Respect the rights and dignity of others and their property.


    1. Observe and follow all the rules as stated in the John Jay’s 

         Code of Conduct.


    1. Cell phones and other technologies need to be silenced and 

          and should be kept on desk and not used.


    Necessary Materials:


    Each student is required to have a 1” or 1.5” binder, two pens, two pencils, loose-leaf paper, and a highlighter.




    Grading will be based on a points system.


    100 Points or More--- Tests and Projects

    50 Points--- Quizzes

    20 Points or More--- Classwork/ Asynchronous Learning


    Grades will be based on total points per marking period.


    Asynchronous Learning/Homework:    Work will be assigned on a regular basis and checked on the day it is due.  Late work will be accepted the next day for 10 points off.  Late essays and projects will be accepted with 10 points deducted per day.  If you were absent on the day the work was assigned or checked, it is the student’s responsibility to get the homework and show the teacher the completed work the next school day.


    Classwork and Participation:  We will be keeping track of participation and classwork activities which will go toward your quarter’s average.


    Grading:  Marking period #1 is 40% of the final grade.  Marking period #2 is 40% of the final grade.  The final project which is the post assessment is 20% of the final grade.


    Parents/ Guardians:

                We will contact you if the need arises.  Please feel free to contact us.  Email is the preferred contact.  Thomas.Drnek@wcsdny.org or Joseph.Pedota@wcsdny.org.  You can call us at 897-6700 extension 30062 for Mr. Drnek extension 30088 or 30090 for Mr. Pedota.