• Objective:  Economics 12 is a 1/2 year course.  Students must successfully complete all coursework and pass the final exam in order to be eligible for a high school diploma.  This is a required course for graduation.


    Materials/Supplies: 1. Binder/Folder - Students are expected to keep a notebook that will be brought to class everyday.  Class notes, handouts, and projects will be kept in the notebook.

    2.  Pens,No.2 Pencils

    3. 3x5 Index Cards- Each student will need approximately 150 index cards that will be used to make flashcards of important economic terms and concepts.  These will also be used to study for the final.  These will be part of the course grade.


    Classroom Expectations:


    Homework: Students will have at least 2 assignments per week and we will often begin these assignments in class.  Homework will be collected, graded, and included as part of the course grade.  Homework is expected to be turned in on time at all times. Deadlines can be re-negotiated if you notify me well in advance that you are having trouble meeting the established due date.  In these special cases parents will be notified.  Late homework will lose 10 points each calendar day it is late.

    Testing:  Quizzes may be based on the previous night's homework, a video viewed in class, or class discussion and notes.  Some quizzes may be unannounced.  Chapter and unit tests will be announced at least two days prior to testing.  Tests will be based on all class material.  There will be a total of 5 Unit Tests this semester.

    Grading: Students will receive grades based on the following points system: Classwork/Homework 33%, Quizzes/Presentations 33%, Tests/Essays/Projects/Research 34% All grades count for all students.  See me anytime to calculate a current average.

    Make Up Work: Students are required to complete all work on time.  Students may need to make up work due to illness or some exceptional family concern. It is the student's responsibility to obtain all missed work and class notes.  This work must be completed within five days upon return.  If you know of an upcoming absence tell me in advance and I will give you the work.  Work can also be sent to guidance for a parent or friend to pick up.  Failure to make up work will result in a zero.

    Extra Help:  I am in room 227 by 6:40 every morning and if we make arrangements in advance can stay after school.  We can also meet during my duty, lunch, or prep during the school day.  Please do not hesitate to ask me for help if you have any concerns.

     Respect in the Classroom:  I expect students to act appropriately at all times and show respect for all members fo the classroom.  I want my classroom to be a place where all students feel comfortable and safe.  I want everyone to participate and share their ideas on all subjects we discuss.  If a student does not show respect for the classroom, teacher, or peers they will be asked to leave.