• Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):
    How will I know if my child has a test or homework?
    Assignments are given well in advance of their due date.  Students are required to maintain a current and accurate planner to keep track of all assignments.

    What can a student do to succeed in your course?

    There is a direct correlation between effort and results.  The better the effort, the better the results!  A successful student will (1) read the chapter as we begin the new chapter, (2) complete homework, (3) actively and constructive participate in class, and (4) study class notes.
    I require that students read and review their text for seven (7) minutes each night to keep current of the information we discuss in class.
    Are you available for extra help?
    Yes.  I make myself available before, during, and after school.  Students know of my non-instructional periods and are encouraged to seek help/advice whenever needed.
    What more can I as a parent/guardian do to help my student succeed in this class? 
    Remain actively involved and interested in what we are doing in class.  Every day in class we talk about something current and interesting.  Ask your child questions about what we did in class that day. 
    Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns throughout the year.  E-mail is best.  My e-mail is robert.wehmann@wcsdny.org