• Intensive Instruction is a Self-Contained program housed at Van Wyck (grades 6,7,8), John Jay (Levels 1 and 2), and Roy C. Ketcham (Level 3).  It is an academic based program with an emphasis on transitional life skills and a readiness for work. Students have classes in English, Reading, Math, Social Studies, Science, Life Skills and/or any combination of classes as stipulated in the IEP.  Elective classes may include art, home and careers, health, and music.

    Intensive Instruction students receive work experience through a variety of outlets including on-site work experiences, student-run businesses, out of school placements with job coaching, and independent work experiences.

    The focus of the program is on experiential learning and skills learned within the classroom are meant to be generalized to their elective classes, social, and vocational situations. Some students may attend mainstream electives and physical education courses, as well as SCLD classes if achievement indicates a need.

    The community recreation component of the program provides the students with an opportunity to develop recreational skills and interests in a community setting.  This component aligns with the goals stated on the transition section of each student’s IEP. 

    The primary focus of the Intensive Instruction program is on building transitional skills. General guidelines are as follows:

    1.       Reading and math achievement ranges from grades k-4.

    2.     Social needs- Range from a high level of support to a low level.  Students need support in developing appropriate peer relationships and to adjust to the school and outside community.

    3.     Management Needs- Moderate to intensive support to stay on task and move towards independence.

    4.     Diploma Status- Students generally receive a SACC or CDOS Diploma.

    5.     Related Services- Speech, OT, PT and Counseling as needed


    Determining Levels for Intensive Instruction

    To determine the appropriate level for each child, it is necessary to consider the following factors:

    1. IQ score and testing information
    2. Reading and math levels
    3. Social development and awareness
    4. Level of academic and social support required
    5. Teacher input


    • ALL factors need to be considered when placing any child.  An annual meeting between all of the Intensive Instruction teachers is an integral part of ensuring successful placement of all students.


    Generally the levels are as follows:


    Level 1- Highest level of support, need adult supervision all or most of the day, some students may move onto Level 2 or attend for certain classes.


    Level 2-Moderate level of support, possibility to move to some SCLD or mainstream electives, may go on to Level 3 at RCK.


    Level 3- Lowest level of support, more social independence, may take mainstream electives and/or SCLD classes.


    Intensive Instruction students take Reading, Mathematics, English, Social Studies, Science, and Life Skills.  Curriculum is based on academic needs while adhering to Common Core Standards.