• Contact me so we can go over this information together to decide which information best suits your son or daughter:
    ~Do you have an OPWDD application filed?(www.opwdd.ny.gov)
    ~If your son/daughter is OPWDD eligible, have we talked about the Employment Training Program for their last year of school? They can get paid while working with a job coach and continue one year after graduation. This opens up job opportunities for the future.
    ~Do you have a Care Manager?
    ~Are sheltered workshops a suitable option?
    ~Is a day habilitation appropriate?
    ~Are there social programs available?
    ~Is guardianship a possibility for the future?
    ~Have you looked into SSI?
    ~Medicaid waiver?
    ~Go to the BOCES website for career training. They have some special education programs. (www.dcboces.org/cti)
    ~In the last year of high school we can submit a ACCES-VR application. This provides supported employment opportunities that include transportation. (www.acces.nysed.gov/vr)
    ~Do you have a Transitioning Workshop schedule for this year? They are held at Dutchess BOCES. I will always forward any information I receive regarding these workshops. 
    I welcome you to join my Facebook group page entitled, "Transitioning Teens/Adults with Special Needs Life After High School."  There is input and resources galore from those in all the many walks of life of special needs. 
    After we have discussed all of this, final plans will be made at the Annual Review.