• Reading: We use the Wilson Reading and Language Program  depending on the need of the student.  This is a wonderful, multi-sensory approach to reading using sound cards, word cards, making and spelling words, written dictation,  high frequency sight words, sentence and paragraph reading at their own comfortable level.  In addition we have a chapter book that we read that has vocabulary, comprehension, and reflective writing exercises. Reading instruction is highly individualized according to the need of the student. The second half of the period is devoted to fluency reading and comprehension based on level.  On Thursdays and Fridays the focus is comprehension and discussion of a class chapter book.  
     Math: Each student has their own packet of basic skills that they need to work on. They are encouraged to work as independently as possible, however, there is strong support when needed.  The students will use a calculator for life skills math activities. Life Skills math(real life math) is sometimes done together as a class to teach skills necessary to know which operation to use in different situations (+,-,x-or division). Some life skills math is encouraged to be done independently.
    Social Studies is taught on Days 1,3,5 by me.  I will teach US History this year.   We do this with a book, websites, and Power Point presentations. will   We will also incorporate major events in US History. 
    Mrs. Bliss will teach Science on Days 2,4,6.  

    English/Language Arts will begin with Journal writing every day.  The students are given a picture, ideas are discussed and then they write their paragraphs.  Good writing and good speaking go hand in hand.  The focus is topic sentence, 3 details and an ending sentence.  They do this in small groups. We also use Scholastic, Action, and Time for Kids  magazines for current events and writing assignments as well.  

     Life Skills instruction is based on the need of the class.  We started with setting goals for becoming more responsible and independent.  We will work on social skills doing skits for behavior in various social situations.  The focus has been responsibility, managing oneself, manners, and behavior in the workplace.  
    The students will have homework every night. They will need your assistance with it. 
    We also run the Patriot Cafe.  The students are involved in shopping, prepping, cooking, serving, and busing tables.   They wear a uniform and keep to a schedule.  They are learning a vast amount of life skills with this experience.   
    We take a trip each Friday across the street and visit the local businesses.  This is to teach many skills such as safety, money management, responsibility, social manners and etiquette.   

    We are making excellent use of our Smartboard.  We use it every period and it is a highly motivational tool.  
    A significant part of our program is our Patriot Cafe.  This is run by the students in our class and Mrs. Bliss' class.  The students shop, prep, and serve at our cafe.  On Thursdays from 9:45-12:30 Mrs. Bliss' class is transformed into a cafe for the faculty and staff of John Jay.  Parents are always welcome to attend.